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So what’s soChef all about?

Well.. soChef is a web platform that strives to strengthen your creativity in the kitchen. We try this by giving you a platform on which finding and publishing recipes is a piece of cake (pun intended).

Finding recipes is easy with standard text search methods, or by ingredients. Especially the latter search method, will allow you to easily find new recipes you never thought about, of which the ingredients were just lying in your refrigerator.

People have been sharing recipes since the earliest of time. soChef is the best way to easily keep all your recipes and your friends’ recipes in one place.

With easy ways of tipping recipes - because you like them, or for later use - soChef allows you to build a cookbook of all the recipes you are interested in.

Cool features you should know

The soChef platform has some key features and possibilities that really make it the best place on the web for recipes.

Draft your recipes
One of the biggest irritations on the internet is when you have typed for a few minutes, something goes wrong, and you lose it all. With soChef’s recipe concepts you can quickly save your latest draft of a recipe, before publishing it.
Tweak and inspire
A lot of people put their own spin on recipes. At soChef it’s possible to easily publish your own spin of a recipe. Instead of having to start from scratch, by simply clicking ‘derive from this recipe’, you get a concept with all the information filled out for you. From there you can easily tweak the recipe to your discretion.