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by Monique

Horenso to harusame soup. The thin, light harusame-noodles are very good for soup, but whenever you can't find them, thin Thai rice noodles are fine to. The reason we keep this soup bright is because noodles are transparent. Use white pepper en light soya sauce so the soup will look fabulous!

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This is an Other Asian recipe that should be Boiled. It contains no meat or fish and it is categorized in Soups.

30 gr Raw harusame-noodles ( Original base amount: 30 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
300 gr Spinage ( Original base amount: 300 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
800 ml Water ( Original base amount: 800 ml, Original Measure: fluid )
30 ml Chinese chicken bouillonpowder ( Original base amount: 30 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
30 ml Sake ( Original base amount: 30 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
30 ml Sesam oil ( Original base amount: 30 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )

4 metric

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  1. Cook the noodles in boiled water with the salt. Let them leak out and cut them in eatable sizes.

  2. Cook the spinage short and weak it in cold water, this way it holds his color. Let the spinage leak out and cut it in pieces of 2cm.

  3. Boil the water, stir the chicken bouillonpowder and the sake and mix it with the noodles and the spinage. Adjust salt, white pepper, soya souce and sesam oil to the soup.

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