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by Monique

These cinnamonbreads are the best when they are still warm, just from the oven.

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This recipe contains no meat or fish and should be Baked. It is categorized in Breakfast & Brunch.

120 gr Sugar ( Original base amount: 120 gr, Original Measure: solid )
190 gr Butter ( Original base amount: 190 gr, Original Measure: solid )
25 ml Milk ( Original base amount: 25 ml, Original Measure: fluid )
5 ml Vanilla extract ( Original base amount: 5 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
10 ml Cinnamon ( Original base amount: 10 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
50 ml Brown sugar ( Original base amount: 50 ml, Original Measure: fluid )
300 gr Self-raising baking-flour ( Original base amount: 300 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
2 pc Egg-yolk ( Original base amount: 2 pc, Original Measure: PIECE )
120 gr Powdered sugar ( Original base amount: 120 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
60 gr Cream cheese ( Original base amount: 60 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
60 ml Hot water ( Original base amount: 60 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )

8 metric

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Measures are in Metric change

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a cake pan (20cm) and cover it with bakingpaper.

  2. Mix the self-raising baking-flour, salt, sugar (60ml) and cinnamon (5ml) in a bowl. Beat the butter (100gr) , egg-yolk and the milk together en stir it till a soft dough. Roll out the dough on a big piece bakingpaper (30 x 25cm).

  3. Mix the cinnamon (5ml), brown sugar, sugar (60ml) and butter (60ml) together. Spread the mixture over the dough and roll it up. Cut the roll with a sharp knife in 8 pieces and put them in the prepared cake pan. Stroke some milk over on top of the breads and bake them for 30-35 minutes. Remove the cake pan from the oven and cool down the breads before removing them from the cake pan.

  4. Sieve the powdered sugar above a large bowl and make a little hole in the middle. Pour the cream cheese, butter (30ml), vanilla extract and the hot water in the hole and stir everything. The mixture is good when it sticks to the bold site of a spoon. Pour the icing on top of the breads.

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