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Italian breadsalad with tomato, ham and oregano

by Monique

Prep. Time: 15min.

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This is an Italian recipe that should be Grilled. It contains meat and it is categorized in Salads.

180 ml Olive oil ( Original base amount: 180 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
300 pc Tomatoes ( Original base amount: 300 pc, Original Measure: PIECE )
1 pc Ciabattabread with olives ( Original base amount: 1 pc, Original Measure: PIECE )
2 pc Garlic ( Original base amount: 2 pc, Original Measure: piece )
150 gr Parmaham ( Original base amount: 150 gr, Original Measure: SOLID )
30 ml White wine vinegar ( Original base amount: 30 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )
60 ml Oregano ( Original base amount: 60 ml, Original Measure: FLUID )

4 metric

Originally meant for 4 people change

Measures are in Metric change

  1. Preheat the grill. Cut the bread in 2 halfs. Squize the garlic in a small bowl and stir it with 60ml oil. Sprinkle the bread with the garlicoil.

  2. Bake the bread under the grill goldbrown and cut it in little pieces. Cut the tomatoes in little blocks and mix it with the bread.

  3. Bake the pieces ham in a dry frying-pan brown and krispy.

  4. Beat the vinegar with the rest of the oil, oregano, salt and pepper until a nice dressing. Mix the dressing with the salat and put the krispy ham on top. Enjoy.

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